Git Hub Installation and Configuration

Git Hub is online file version service, it gives following benefits…


  • Online project hosting.
  • Source-code browser.
  • In-line editing,
  • Wikis, and ticketing.
  • Free for public open-source code.
  • Change based revision
  • Remotely accessible.


How to install GitHub

yum install git.x86_64

Configure Git Hub

git config --global "appa"

git config –global “”

Copy SSH key and add it into git hub setting

cat ~/.ssh/

Clone/Checkout Git Repository

git clone<account name>/<repo name>.git

Update Repository

git pull origin

Add file in git

git add <file path>

Commit File

git commit -m 'commite message' <file path>
git push origin master

Create Branch

git branch <branch name>
git push origin <branch name>

Checkout branch

git checkout <branch name>

Merge Branch

git checkout <branch name>
git merge <branch name of which need to be merge into above branch>
git push origin <branch name>

Reset Merge

git reset --merge ORIG_HEAD

Create Tag

git tag <tag name>
git push --tags

Delete Tag

git tag -d <tag name>
git push origin :refs/tags/<tagname>

Check Version Difference

git diff <file path>

List of files need to resolves

git ls-files -u

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