How to join freenode channel

For technical help and support lot of freenode channels are available. You can easily get help and support online by chatting with people on specific technical groups. For using this you need to install IRC client. There are lot of IRC client available, i like pidgin.

Install Pidgin  IRC client –

Steps to Add freenode account in pidgin

  • Open pidgin
  • Go to the Account Menu
  • Click on manage account
  • Click on add button
  • On open dialog box, go the basic section.
  • In login option
  • Select IRC in protocol dropdown.
  • Provide username
  • Save and close it.

Steps to join freenode groupstreaming The Shack

  • In buddies menu, click on join a chat.
  • Select freenode account – e.g. (IRC)
  • Enter channel name – e.g. #ansible
  • Click on join button.
  • It will show you people join on same group and you can chat them in group or individually.


List of freenode channels are found to be here …

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