Redirect request on php script through squid proxy

We can redirect every request received in squid cartier jewelry replica to custom php script bracelet replica cartier and we can process those request before returning back to the client. This cartier love bracelet replica can be done using url_rewrite_program in squid config. Just add following line at the end of url squid.conf file.

url_rewrite_program /etc/process.php

And here is process.php

while ($input = fgets(STDIN)) {
// Split the output (space delimited) from squid into an array.
$input = explode(" ", $input);
$input[0] = urlencode($input[0]);
$input = implode("{{--}}", $input);
echo "http://localhost/yourprocessing.php?url=$input"; //URL of my web server

In yourprocessing.php you will get url as $_GET[‘url’]

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